Confidently treat fertility with acupuncture & functional medicine, and earn passive income as a trained & affiliated acupuncturist!

Join the Becoming Mama Affiliate Program - earn money for helping people

By taking the Becoming Mama Training and becoming an Affiliate you will:

  • Get advanced holistic fertility training that will boost your clinical outcomes, success, and confidence.
  • Get 7 NCCAOM PDA credits
  • Be listed on our Affiliated Network of Acupuncturists so that potential patients will know you are trained in our unique, comprehensive, and effective approach to holistic fertility treatment, will be referred to you, and know they are in good hands.
  • Be able to provide the Becoming Mama program to your patients so they can get even better and faster results from working with you. It's an excellent supplement and complement to acupuncture treatment.
  • Receive a 50% affiliate fee compensation for people you refer to the program. Each time a visitor clicks on your referral link and makes a purchase of the Becoming Mama Program, you'll earn 50% commission. It's free! You send them our way and we'll do the rest.

This course is identical to the original Becoming Mama course, with the addition of the Definitive & Simple Guide to Treating Fertility with Acupuncture that walks you through the treatment principles, strategies, protocols, and modifications for effectively treating fertility with acupuncture. 

This way you'll gain the functional medicine & acupuncture skills and strategies AND see exactly what your patients will be seeing when they take the Becoming Mama course. 

As an acupuncturist, I know my patients place a lot of trust in me, and I wouldn't want to refer them to something without first knowing for certain that it's high-quality and impactful. I know you probably feel the same. By seeing the program yourself, you can feel confident in the high-quality advice & recommendations your patients will be getting. Advice that is evidence-based and fits in perfectly with the acupuncture you're giving them.  

Fertility is complex and we need to address it holistically and comprehensively in order to see transformative results.

The Becoming Mama program is a COMPLETE SYSTEM that maximizes all aspects of fertility - the endocrine system, hormonal balance, egg quality, immune system, and mental-emotional well-being. That's what makes this program different.

Our patients need science-backed strategies that are proven to positively affect fertility. From an expert. With clear action steps that are easy to understand and implement. They need an affordable, convenient system that addresses all factors of fertility:

  • Balances hormones and the endocrine system
  • Supports natural detoxification
  • Mitigates the effects of stress on fertility
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Gives the body and eggs the micro-nutrients they need
  • Plus offers an individualized holistic approach because a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn't cut it for fertility

The Becoming Mama program teaches the simple actions we can take to boost fertility.

I'll walk you through this system step-by-step, so you'll know how to apply this in your clinic with your patients. 

How does this program work?

  • You'll immediately have access to the first module starting now.
  • Each step of the way I'll walk you through the relevant research, why it's important and impacts fertility, and give you key action steps and strategies for you to take.
  • Most videos are 10 minutes or less so they'll fit into your busy life.
  • With cheatsheets and printouts to make it easy for you.
  • You'll have unlimited access to this information, so you can go back to it time and time again, as much as you need.

Within this program are the strategies I've used to help my clients get pregnant and become mamas.

Here's what my clients are saying:

This is a complete approach that maximizes all aspects of fertility.

It addresses the root causes and underlying factors that impact fertility. This is the best way to approach fertility - a holistic approach, from the ground up. It's clinically-proven and research-based. It breaks down the science, which I think is important and empowering for you to know - so you can see WHY the strategies are important and impact fertility so much. It then tells you exactly HOW to implement the strategies, with shopping lists, cheatsheets, and meal plans. It takes all of the guesswork out of it and maximizes fertility from the ground up.

The Affiliate Program also gives you an opportunity to make passive income as an acupuncturist.

If you've been wanting to create an online course or build some passive income for your practice, but aren't sure where to start or feel overwhelmed by all the work, this affiliate program is for you.

You can get the training you need to know how to treat fertility with both acupuncture and functional medicine confidently, from your own home, at your convenience, for an affordable price.

It’s so easy to get confused, frustrated, overwhelmed when researching fertility. I've done all the research and the work for you. I've worked with hundreds of women in my clinic over the years. I've honed these strategies and this system. I can't wait to share this with you.

Here's how to do it:

  • Enroll in the course, review it as many times as you need to get a solid understanding of the principles. Let me know if you have any questions.
  • Take the assessment exam to ensure your solid understanding of the material.
  • Once you've successfully completed the exam, you'll be set up as an affiliate to the Becoming Mama course and can receive your 50% of revenue for people you refer to the program. You'll also be put you on our list of Affiliated Network of Acupuncturists so that patients can find you.

That's it! Easy peasy! And then you can enjoy the peace of mind that you're going above and beyond and doing everything you can for your fertility patients, as well as enjoy the added bonus of an extra passive revenue stream for your referrals.

A win-win for everyone!

The investment in this program is only $597.


Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started

    • WelcomeforAcupuncturists

    • Hello and welcome!

    • What to expect and how to get the most out of this

  • 2

    Module 1: Sex Ed 2.0

    • Intro to fertility Basics

    • Understanding your cycle and what it can tell you

    • How to have sex & what not to do during sex

    • Quiz 1

    • How to know exactly when you're ovulating & time sex for conception

    • Quiz 2

    • Egg quality - the big kahuna of fertility

    • Quiz 3

    • The foundation of your hormonal balance - your endocrine system

    • Fertility Testing & Labs

  • 3

    Module 2: Addressing the Major Fertility Disruptors

    • The Big Fertility Disruptors

    • What you need to know about age and fertility

    • One food to avoid at all costs to keep your eggs young

    • The silent hormone disrupter

    • Support Sheet: Steps to Stable Blood Sugar

    • Immunology and Fertility

    • Stress - how it affects your fertility & what to do about it

    • Strategies for Mitigating the Effects of Stress on Your Fertility

    • Toxins + Safe detoxification for fertility & pre-pregnancy

    • The Becoming Mama 4 Day Pre-pregnancy Cleanse Guide

    • The #1 toxin to avoid at all costs for egg quality and fertility

    • How to protect your fertility from environmental pollutants

    • What to look for in your self-care products and what to toss from your bathroom

    • These factors are in your control

  • 4

    Check-in/Assessment: Measure the Progress of Your Fertile Health

    • Progress Tracking

    • Fertility Progress Tracker - Phase 1: Menstruation

    • Fertility Progress Tracker - Phase 2: Follicular Phase

    • Fertility Progress Tracker - Phase 3: Ovulation

    • Fertility Progress Tracker - Phase 4: Luteal/Premenstrual Phase

  • 5

    Module 3: Nourishing Your Fertility - Diet & Lifestyle Action Steps

    • The power of optimal nourishment

    • Fertility Power Foods

    • The Best Supplements for Fertility

    • Methylfolate

    • What to toss from your kitchen to make sure it’s a fertile-friendly kitchen

    • What a Fertile Plate looks like + answers to common questions about fertility nutrition

    • The Becoming Mama Eating Guide

    • Week 1 (menstrual phase) Meal Plan + Shopping List

    • Week 2 (follicular phase) Meal Plan + Shopping List

    • Week 3 (luteal phase) Meal Plan + Shopping List

    • Week 4 (luteal phase) Meal Plan + Shopping List

    • Eat This Not That + A few indulgent recipes

    • Tips for easily making matcha green tea

    • Exactly how much to exercise, how much coffee you can drink, how much sleep you need, and more

    • Cheatsheet: Sleep Optimization

    • Deeper dive into exercise: syncing with your cycle

    • Mindset

    • Womb

  • 6

    Check-in/Assessment: What's Your Fertility IQ + AQ?

    • Fertility IQ + AQ Assessment

  • 7

    Module 4: Determine Your Fertility Pattern according to Chinese Medicine

    • Fine-tuning YOUR fertility

    • Determine your fertility imbalance - quiz

    • Identify YOUR best strategies

    • Fertility pattern 1 + how to fix

    • Printable: Pattern 1

    • Fertility pattern 2 + how to fix

    • Printable: Pattern 2

    • Fertility pattern 3 + how to fix

    • Printable: Pattern 3

    • Fertility pattern 4 + how to fix

    • Printable: Pattern 4

    • Fertility pattern 5 + how to fix

    • Printable: Pattern 5

  • 8

    Module 5: Male fertility, IVF, Miscarriage, and Self-Care

    • What your BBT can tell you - a lot more than you think!

    • Interpreting your BBT

    • Printable BBT Chart

    • Male fertility

    • Support sheet: Boosting male fertility

    • Acupuncture for Fertility

    • Support during the IVF & IUI process

    • Support sheet: Supporting IVF

    • Preventing miscarriage

    • 6 common causes of miscarriages

    • Devoted Self Care

    • Printable: Daily & Weekly Fertility Checklist

    • The research behind the plan - works cited

  • 9

    Module 6: Self-Acupressure for Fertility

    • How acupressure works

    • Acupressure for Fertility Phase 1 - Menstruation

    • Acupressure for Fertility Phase 2 - Follicular Phase

    • Acupressure for Fertility Phase 3 - Ovulation

    • Acupressure for Fertility Phase 4 - Luteal/Premenstrual Phase

    • Acupressure for Fertility - Hormonal Symptoms

    • Cheatsheet: Self-Acupressure for Fertility

    • Acupressure for Pregnancy

    • Cheatsheet: Self-Acupressure for Pregnancy

  • 10

    Bonus: Self-Acupressure to support IVF & IUI

    • How Acupressure Works

    • Acupressure protocol for during IUI stim

    • Acupressure protocol for before IUI

    • Acupressure protocol for after IUI

    • Acupressure protocol for IVF - before stim

    • Acupressure protocol for IVF - during stim

    • Acupressure protocol for IVF - between retrieval and transfer

    • Acupressure protocol for IVF - before transfer

    • Acupressure protocol for IVF - after transfer

    • Cheatsheet: Acupressure protocols for each phase of IUI & IVF

    • Acupressure to Support Pregnancy

    • Cheatsheet: Acupressure to Support Pregnancy

  • 11

    Bonus: Guided Meditations

    • Guided Meditations

    • Basic meditation

    • Golden light meditation

    • Body gratitude meditation

    • Gratitude meditation

    • Memory meditation

    • Fertility visualization

    • Calling in baby visualization

  • 12

    You're On Your Way to Becoming A Mama!

    • Thank you, you did it!

    • Wrap-up Survey

  • 13

    For Acupuncturists

    • The Definitive and Simple Guide to Treating Fertility with Acupuncture

    • Add your name & info to the list of BM trained Acupuncturists

    • Affiliate information

    • Downloadable images for promoting your affiliate link

    • How to get 7 NCCAOM CEUs

    • Evaluation for NCCAOM CEUs

    • Assessment for NCCAOM CEUs