How to Start Your Acupuncture Clinic

taught by Katie Altneu L.Ac. MSOM FABORM
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Katie Altneu  L.Ac. MSOM FABORM
Katie Altneu L.Ac. MSOM FABORM

About the Instructor

Hello there! I'm Katie. I’m an acupuncturist and herbalist with a practice I love in Denver, Colorado. I've gone through the journey of creating a busy practice. I've learned things the hard way (forehead smack).

I've taught the Business/Practice Management class at CSTCM years and I'm the author of Acupuncturists Mean Business. I love our medicine and I'm passionate about helping other acupuncturists learn the business and marketing tools they need to fuel their practice success and reach the people that need us.

I create these resources for acupuncturists online because I want to give you access to the information I wish I would have had from the beginning.

You deserve a business and a life you love. I can help.

Course Contents

32 Videos
2 Multimedia
1 Text
8 PDFs

Course Curriculum

Your acupuncture practice